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Key to the success of Repton’s transformational bursary programme is our ability to identify prospective pupils who not only have extraordinary potential but who will thrive as part of the Repton boarding school community.  We work closely with national education partners and local schools to identify those who have the mindset to gain the most from a Repton education. Together, we have the experience to support young people, and their families, from socially disadvantaged sections of society with life-changing educational opportunities.

We provide support for both children and their families to navigate this exciting journey to ensure the best possible experience is delivered at every stage of the process during their time at Repton. As such, our pastoral team are a crucial part of the journey when joining Repton and are ever-present throughout the education of every child. Their role extends to supporting families – answering questions across all aspects of school and boarding life, which may be unfamiliar to those looking to join Repton.

The health and wellbeing of all our children is an extremely important component of their time at Repton. We therefore ensure parents and/or guardians feel as comfortable as our pupils, and secure within the Repton environment.


“You have the capacity to change the world

- Ali Henderson - Chief Executive, Royal National Springboard Foundation


We work closely with the Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation, the UK’s largest boarding school bursary charity, providing life-transforming opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people. SpringBoard provide bursary opportunities for children and young people across the UK, all of whom come from families where the household income has been assessed as being well below that needed to fund a boarding school education.

CEO of Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation, Ali Henderson is passionate about creating systemic change in education. This vision is something that we are proud to be a part of, as we work collectively to drive social mobility by broadening access to life-changing opportunities.

Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation (RNCSF) works to bring the transformational opportunities offered by the UK’s leading schools to the young people who will benefit from them the most. By 2025 they aim to have supported 2,000 young people from challenging circumstances to access these opportunities – changing their futures, influencing their peers and becoming role models to others.



In this report we set out to demonstrate our impact by showing how boarding school bursaries can not only provide life-transforming opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people, but also make a significant contribution to broader social mobility in the UK.




The Repton Foundation
The Hall, Repton School,
Repton, Derbyshire. DE65 6FH

Tel: 01283 559248


Ms Juliet Wolfe (née Ryalls)
Development Director – Repton Foundation
jwolfe@repton.org.uk / 01283 559248

  • Trustee and Chairman (Governor): Mr M J C Needham (Priory 1980-85)
  • Trustee (Chair of Governors): Mr E M Shires
  • Trustee (Governor): Mr A J Churchill (Priory 1982-87)
  • Trustee (Governor): Mr N C Walford (Brook 1969-74)
  • Trustee (Governor): Mr M A Casini (Mitre 1976-80)
  • Trustee: Mr S J Rush


  • President: Mr R M Kirkland DL (Orchard 1959-64)
  • Vice President: Mr R A Litchfield (Brook 1960-65)
  • President Emeritus: Brigadier C E Wilkinson CBE, TD, DL (Cross 1946-49)


  • Headmaster Repton School: Mr M J Semmence
  • Development Director Repton Foundation: Ms J Wolfe (née Ryalls) (Abbey 1983-85)
  • Chief Operating Officer Repton School: Mrs Sarah Greig
  • Clerk to the Governors Repton School: Mrs R Mair

Registered charity number - 1067418